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Recycle for Research 2020

October 2020

October, the month we would be annually gathering to support our Stop the Mets researchers to continue raising awareness and those ‘hard to come by’ funds. While the COVID-19 pandemic hindered our 2020 plans, Stop the Mets will not be stopped. So here we go again. With your help, as always, we can do it! 

With respect and sensitivity to the devastating impact of COVID-19, and the financial hardship encountered by so many, we were reluctant to pursue fundraising.
However, I recently spoke with an old high school friend, and student nurse colleague, whom I hadn’t been in contact with for several years. But a chain of events led us to a phone call. A phone call to say good-bye. Tracey sadly passed away the following day from a long battle with metastatic breast cancer.
COVID or no COVID, metastatic cancer will continue its destruction
and our researchers will continue their arduous work.

So here is what we propose. 

During the lockdown de-cluttering our lives has become a viral sensation. 

While recycling sure beats filling the land with those jeans from the 80’s and the Ab Trainer Pro that you swore would get you in shape, the closure of the op-shops led us to the digital realm - selling our second-hand wares on every platform from Marketplace to Gumtree.

So, we challenge you until the end of 2020 to select, sell and give new life to one item that no longer “sparks joy” and kindly donate the funds to Stop the Mets.

After recently speaking to Stop the Mets' researcher, Joe Polidano, we learnt of the inspiring progress being made in the lab – progress that Joe attributes to the ongoing support and funds provided by Stop the Mets. 

Thank you to everyone who has ever supported this cause, you are making a difference!

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